Fur Coats

F225. Brown Pressed Shearling w/ Brown Fox.
F148 Bordaux Sheared Mink Jkt
F177. Mahogany Mink Ct w/ Brown Fox.
Lunaraine Mink coat
F184F88Sheared Mink Reversible
F369. Iceberg Sheared Mink Paw Stroller.
F377. Sheared Mink Stroller w/ Sable Trim.
F38. Canadian Lynx Coat.
 F184. Black Sheared Mink Sections ct. W/ Indigo Fox Trim.
F88. Nat, Mahogany Mink Ct W/ Crystal Fox
F51. Plunked Mink ct Reversible to Taffeta

F26. Whiskey Mink Coat

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